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Dedicated Alert Devices

Standalone wearable and portable cellular alert devices.

Body Worn Safety Cameras

HD video technology. Deescalate, Stream, Review

Satellite Safety Alerts

Standalone wearable and portable cellular alert devices.

My Safe Group for safety at work, at home and the community

My Safe Work

Are specialists in lone worker technology that allows staff to work on their own, often in isolation, with the comfort of knowing that if help is needed an alert can be raised anywhere, anytime for immediate action.

My Safe Place

Provide alert technology that supports the end client who face potential threat, including victims of Domestic and Family Violence and Child Safety together with wider community support, including the Disability sector.

About My Safe Work

"Our mission is to provide the optimum personal alert device technology that helps protect each individual, 24/7“

My Safe Work, along with My Safe Place and iGuard, are part of the My Safe Group and OTS (who have been supplying personal safety technology for over 20 years.)

We are specialists in lone and vulnerable worker technology to provide our clients with the widest range of solutions and devices from the worlds leading suppliers. This allows us to provide you with the best solutions that are configured to your own unique requirements, along with the option to have them monitored 24/7  and have it all consolidated on the one bill.

We cover:

Solutions include:

My Safe Group. Helping to make each space a safer place

Personal Device Alert technology supporting workers at risk

 With a greater reliance on technology to support staff working on their own, it is important that you have access to a range of solutions that are easy to use, accurate, affordable, and that can work wherever and whenever you need them.

Choosing the right technology to support your lone worker staff can be complex and often confusing. With your employees facing potential risk and unknown dangers, you need to ensure that assistance can be provided as soon as possible, wherever they are.


Frequently asked questions include:

  1. Do I need a dedicated alert device or is a paired (Bluetooth) device more suitable?
  2. Why can’t I just rely on my staff calling 000?
  3. Do I need to have the alerts monitored remotely or can my team handle these?
  4. Can I use the technology overseas?
  5. What if my staff work beyond mobile coverage?
  6. Will I need 1-way or 2-way voice and can I change this for different situations?
  7. What if I need an ambulance or police, but am unable to talk?
  8. What if I am risking of falling while working at height?
  9. I am worried about the wellbeing of my staff working in isolation, how can I assist them?
  10. Are there privacy settings for staff after hours?
  11. Can I set safe and/or risk areas for my staff


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How it works

Alert with 24/7 Monitoring Process

Duress Alarm activated

Alert is activated from the Personal Safety Device by pressing the dedicated SOS button or using alternate alert process.

Received by 24/7 Monitoring

Alert is transmitted, along with location and relevant status information, to the monitoring centre and/or nominated contacts.

Response protocols initiated

24/7 operator view’s location, calls device to listens in to what is occurring and commences established response protocols.

Emergency Services Engaged

Operator engages emergency services and provides them with relevant information, including location and status.


“Our mission is to provide the optimum personal alert device technology that helps protect each individual, 24/7”

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News section

MySafe Horizon is coming.

My Safe Work is pleased to announce the upcoming release of MySafe Horizon, which includes the Stay Safe app from EcoOnline, paired with the Garmin InReach Mini2 satellite communicator. This combination will provide enhanced lone worker safety beyond mobile (cellular) coverage.

For a lot of people, the idea of alert and safety technology has revolved around the question of cellular or satellite communication, as if the answer was mutually exclusive. Fortunately, with the evolution of smartphone technology, safety apps, Bluetooth, and portable satellite devices the two solutions can complement each other, with minimal fuss.

With MySafe Horizon the user has access to a range of safety functions while within mobile coverage and then seamlessly switch over to Iridium satellite when out of cellular range. 
This technology provides SOS, worker-down, check-in welfare alerts as well as session times for tracking privacy, all of which can be accessed whether in the city or out in the remotest parts of the outback.

It is anticipated this will be released late September this year. But contact us below to find out more and be part of this revolution in remote safety.