MySafe Alert

MySafe Alert Bluetooth alert device with app is the fastest and easiest way to activate an alarm. It lets you control the Duress app without touching or even unlocking your phone. Additional safety features include a timer countdown with Check-in and Welfare checks as well as Fall Detection.

Bluetooth Alert Device With App

MySafe Alert is a comprehensive  Isolated Worker Application which is also the fastest and easiest way to activate an alarm, as it lets you control the Duress app without touching or even unlocking your phone.

Additional safety features include a timer countdown with Check-in and Welfare checks, Fall detection, plus  a discreet panic mode.

As the MySafe Alert app is installed on an employee’s smart phone, it is usually with them and available when needed. 

Simply press the separate alert button for 3 seconds to activate an emergency event and it will be instantly transmitted, along with your location details, to nominated contacts, via the connected smartphone. There are even options for additional on-screen activations.


Smartphone duress with paired Bluetooth alert

MySafe Alert includes the easy-to-use StaySafe app together with the StaySafe management platform, allowing lone workers to raise an alert in a range of situations (including via a paired Bluetooth button even when the phone is in locked mode), while providing accurate location and session status of your employees.

As the app is installed on your employee’s smartphone, it would normally be with them and charged, resulting in less user resistance compared to a separate lone worker device.

With minimal capital outlay , MySafe Alert can be up and running quickly and easily.

Features include:

Discreet or standard SOS (via handset tap or Alert button)
Session timer (easy to set-up with either duration or set time options)
Welfare check function: Employees check-in at any point to confirm that they are safe. Failure to do so will raise an alert.
Fall detection and Non-movement alerts
Low signal mode (able to send alerts even within poor cellular coverage via SMS, when data transmissions are unable to be made)
Privacy Employees are in complete control of when their location is visible to ensure their privacy is maintained and they are comfortable using the MySafe Alert app as part of their working day.
Reminders Prompts for employees to start and end sessions based on time and/or location.
StaySafe Hub Advanced monitoring, mapping, reporting and response tools

Fulfilling Duty of Care

MySafe Alert with Bluetooth paired activation

Often, when faced with a stressful or threatening situation, you may have difficulty unlocking your phone, finding the applicable app and pressing the screen to activate an alert. Most activation methods require the phone to be accessible and unlocked. However, with a separate activation device, such as the MySafe Alert Bluetooth alert button, you can activate an SOS away from the phone, even when the phone is locked and the app is running in the background

StaySafe Hub In-House Response

Advanced monitoring, mapping, reporting and response tools in the StaySafe hub
  • Respond to alerts in house.
  • Easy to use and low cost When an alert is triggered, your chosen team can be alerted via SMS, email and phone call.
  • Employees location and safety status can be viewed on a map.
  • Your organisation’s response procedure can be viewed in the hub while responding to an alert.
  • Insight reporting and past sessions can be accessed so that you can manage app usage and user adoption.
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