MySafe Fob

What makes MySafe Fob + MySafe platform so special is its combination of device screen and alert platform, which provides the visibility that is essential when a rapid response is required.

MySafe Fob personal alert device is small, lightweight and easy to carry. It
includes a full colour display screen which allows you to clearly see the devices status, including mobile signal, location and battery level, as well as date and time.

MySafe Fob includes vibration confirmation of alerts sent and is water resistant
to IP67 standard. In normal operation, you can expect to get up to 48 hours
battery charge, with recharging is via a magnetic cable 

With a dynamic display, you no longer need to decipher flashing LEDs, plus
with access to the intuitive MySafe Platform, you have real time alerting and
multi-device map views, configurable GEO-fences, historic reports and much

MySafe Fob device:

Full display (no more trying to decipher flashing LED’s)
Small size, that is easy to carry or wear
Rapid location updates via GPS and Wi-Fi
Enhanced battery life.
2-way or 1-way handsfree audio
4G LTE Technology
SOS activation button
Discrete vibration confirmation
IP67 water resistance

MySafe Platform:

Customised geo-fences for safe-zones alerts
Alert pop-up notifications
Live and Historic Event & Map views
Multiple alert notifications, including SMS, email and MySafe Platform
Multi-device fleet view
Hierarchical set-up
Mobile App access for iOS and Android
Self-monitor via platform and/or 24/7 monitoring option
Device management commands