MySafe Watch

Wearable Safety

The MySafe Watch is a wearable personal safety device that features 4G connectivity with 1-way & 2-way voice options, covert alert and onscreen status displays, discreet SOS button, optional silent duress activation with vibration confirmation, duress alert audio recording, safe-zone breach alerts, plus multiple location technologies, including satellite and Wi-Fi.


Mapping and reporting Platform

The MySafe Watch solution also includes access to the Stay Safe management and reporting platform. This will allow you to set up and manage geo-fences, view real-time and historic location and events as well as run a range of detailed reports.

Duress Alarm activated

Alert is activated from the Personal Safety Device by pressing the dedicated SOS button or using alternate alert process.

Received by 24/7 Monitoring

Alert is transmitted, along with location and relevant status information, to the monitoring centre and/or nominated contacts.

Response protocols initiated

24/7 operator view’s location, calls device to listens in to what is occurring and commences established response protocols.

Emergency Services Engaged

Operator engages emergency services and provides them with relevant information, including location and status.


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